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Sustainability programme
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Energy Management:

In the financial year 2013/2014 electricity consumption decreased by nearly 600 Kwh when compared to the previous year.  This is due to a major lighting revamp project with the installation of energy saving devices such the light bulbs.  Gas stoves are also now used as the preferred cooking devices.  All electrical usage can easily be audited, verified and monitored through our monitoring and control system.

Water Management programme:

We are fully aware of the importance of water in our daily activities within our operations and therefore strive to conserve water as we understand how precious it is.

Some of our initiatives and changes:

Waste Management

Composting facility:

Our composting facility has ensured that all our garden waste on site is turned into organic compost and re used on site in the gardens. The benefit of this is that we do not have to buy organic compost.  This is cost saving and reduced carbon emissions by not travelling to buy it.

Awareness Creation:

We celebrate numerous environmental events annually such as National Water Week, Earth Hour, World Tree Day and International Youth Day.  The purpose of this awareness programme is that we want to teach our guests, staff and community about the importance of protecting our natural environment and to educate them about pressing environmental issues.

Flora Management:

Roses for U Landscaping and Gardening was appointed in 2012 to maintain the lush 17ha gardens of Kopano Nokeng.  With more than 30 years of environmental and gardening experience, owner Jean Stolz keeps the gardens in pristine condition.  Consideration is given to replace alien invasive species with indigenous plants and to conserve water as far as possible.

Fauna Management:

A vast array of wildlife flourishes of the 12 ha of Kopano Nokeng.  This is due to the abundance of water on the premises because of the Bloem- and Renoster Creeks running through the property.  A natural wetland and 4 natural dams is the backdrop to an abundant birdlife and 5 game species.

Eco-champ awards:

This is an award that we annually give to a staff member who have shown that he/she walked the extra mile for the environment.  Banquet Manager Andrea Bradfield was awarded the first eco-champ award in 2014 for her vegetable garden initiative.

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